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How to use the Picwant App

Using the Picwant App is super simple:

The Picwant App lets you take photos and videos, or select them from your library, and send them to, the website where people from the publishing, advertising and corporate world come to search and buy (license) content for their communications. The content you send is evaluated by our editors. If accepted, it may be sold and you can earn royalties.
  • Login
  • Choose Camera and shoot an image or video. You can also select existing content from your device camera roll (screenshot 1).
    • Example 1: you are out having fun with friends and don't want to take pictures and send straight away.
      No problem: take them as you normally do and then when you are at home use the app to upload content from your camera roll.
    • Example 2: you are walking on the street and suddenly something happens: take a picture or video using the app and send it.
      The content is immediately on our servers and a news website could use it straight away.
  • Add a title, location (only if the place is recognizable. Example: Eiffel Tower, Paris, France) and as many relevant keywords as possible (screenshot 2). Everything you see in the image including concepts like relax, fun, etc. Keywords are very important! They are used to find content on the website.
  • If recognizable people are included in your shoot, you should ask them to sign a model release, so that we can publish content for commercial (screenshot 3) uses and not just for editorial. Doing this is simple: when touching “next” after you have input your keywords, we ask you if a model release is needed.
    You can either skip or go on and include the signature(s) of the model(s). If you go on, you can add as many signatures as the number of people included in the shot. You just have to input their data and have it signed.
  • Next step is a recap of the inserted data. If everything is ok, you press "Send" and the content (screenshot 4) is on our servers in real time.
You can always see the latest content you have sent and what has been accepted on the portfolio section of the app (screenshot 5).

In portfolio, you can also access your profile and change your personal information (not the email however as it is your username).
Copyright of the content you send will always remain yours!

Thanks for reading all this. Now start sending and become a Picker!